When you try the hardest not to wake up your parents

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Anonymous said: make him gay;)

how, if he won’t text back?

Anonymous said: youre already so skinny

not anymore


do u ever feel like a tampon? needed at first but then soon replaced? 

i think i fell for a straight guy help

Anonymous said: That's not a great achievement!! Eating disorders are very serious and people are dying because of it every day. Most of them don't even want to be thin the disease is a sigh that something is not how it should be. You shouldn't joke about it. You can choose to be healthy and that's perfectly fine. But strafing until people ask you if everything is okay is wrong. And if you are really at the beginning of an ED I advise you to seek help before it's too late.

i thought i was done with my ed but apparently i’m not

Anonymous said: i hope that skinny thing is a joke because nobody wants that believe me its horrible when people assume that youre anorexic and constantly badger you about it and think of you as being inferior to them its disgusting. im naturally thin and i get questions almost every day and doctors say im fine but everybody else feels the need to constantly remind me to eat or eat more or even eat more unhealthy food. thats not what i like to eat and it makes me feel like trash so please tell me thats a joke

i know how you feel cos i was there like 6 months ago at a bmi of 16 i think. but it’s still better than the muscular legs i have now